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Grand Honors Awarded to Jayden Eom

Jayden scored within the top 1% of his fellow mathematicians earning him a place in the upcoming John Hopkins Summer Camp.

Johns Hopkins University runs a summer camp named CTY (Center for Talented Youth) in which Jayden was accepted due to his proficiency in SCAT testing. It is a prestigious camp setup for students (kindergarten - 12th grade) who excel in the subjects of math and English. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder) and Sergey Brin (Google founder) are often present at this camp.

To apply, a participant has to score within the top five percent of SCAT (2nd - 6th grade) English and Math test takers. These high scores indicate that the students are achieving levels 3 years beyond their current grade's average. In other words, a 4th grader scoring within the 5 percentile is ranking at a 7th grade level. Our 4th grader, Jayden Eom, was awarded with Grand Honors. This award is only granted to students ranking in the top 1% of their age group. Recipients of this award are often allowed to take the SAT's earlier than is typically allowed.

Please initiate a solid high-five to PCA's very own mathematician the next time you see him!

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