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Jaeyul Ban: PCA's Baseball Prodigy

Though PCA does not have it's own baseball team (yet), Jaeyul Ban still finds the time outside of school to gain glory on the mound. This rookie pitcher went up against impossible odds and came out victorious. Being one of the youngest players in this past weekend's 3rd Hwaseong County Youth Baseball Tournament, Jaeyul pitched 3 innings (the maximum allowed) without any opposing player earning a run. But his success isn't limited solely to the mound. Jaeyul also earned 2 hits during his batting bouts and stole a base for good measure. This combination of pitching prowess and batting brilliance, earned Jaeyul the tournament's MVP award. Ohtani beware, this kid from South Korea will be playing in a stadium near you.

This star 6th grader has been playing baseball for a little over 2 years and has progressed in the sport exceedingly well. When he's not creating excellent biographies on Abe Lincoln, or memorizing his weekly vocab. words, he's finding his form as a pitcher. During his PCA interview, Jaeyul stated that his two best pitches are the fastball and the curve. "I'm working on a knuckle-curve, it's a tricky one". He states with a confident smile. His two favorite teams are the Doosan Bears and the Padres respectively. Recruiters, you've been given notice, this prodigy is just getting started.

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