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Through our aligned curriculum we strive to understand our students strengths and instill lasting endurance. We encourage students to boldly seek out new opportunities and be curious by strategically exploring the world around them. Students are empowered to pursue their academics and passions actively.


Relationship, Rigor, and Results 

PCA Korea has endeavored to provide excellence in Christ-centered education. As an independent, non-denominational 1-12 academy, PCA Korea is developing and equipping the next generation to stand strong and firm in their faith. As a learning community, we encourage each student’s spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth by applying Biblical truth in the context of real life. Because true learning begins by knowing God, our students learn that all truth is God’s truth through each academic discipline. As the threads of truth are woven into a student’s mind on a daily basis, those foundational principles can become the very fabric of his or her life. At that point, mere academic curriculum is transformed into a solid belief system based on a Biblical worldview.


1st Grade - 4th Grade

Discover Your Child’s Potential/Abilities

  • Personalized approach to learning

  • Daily Five literacy framework 

  • ITBS Testing 

  • IXL 

  • Accelerated Math program


Our elementary program implements the Daily Five literacy framework in Language Arts. This approach empowers the students to learn how to independently work whilst still getting one-on-one time with their teachers. The Daily Five allows the personalization of writing, speaking and reading goals to each student, empowering them to explore their own potential. Additionally, elementary students take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) once a year to gauge their abilities in the core subjects including Math, Science and Language Arts. PCA upholds the Biblical worldview in mind with our other subjects. We strive to partner with you to provide an experience that sets a meaningful foundation to equip your child's academic, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs.


5th Grade - 8th Grade

Further Excel/Explore

  • Giant leadership program 

  • Study skills course

  • ITBS (5-7th grades)

  • PSAT (8th grade) 

  • Spiritual mentoring


PCA Korea intentionally supports students to take ownership of their own learning. Our leadership program in partnership with GiANT, provides step-by-step support and guidance. Our junior high students gain the knowledge and skills of asking questions, meaningful research, and collaboration. Through our aligned curriculum, we strive to meet students where they are and instill endurance. We encourage students to boldly seek out new opportunities and be curious by strategically exploring the world around them. Students are empowered to pursue their passions actively and are supported by starting college counseling conversations in the eighth grade.


9th Grade - 12th Grade

Devote to Achieve Excellence

Elevate and Discover Opportunities

  • STEM

  • AP classes available 

  • PSAT 

  • Hands on college counseling 

  • Spiritual mentoring


Our 9th-12th grade STEM-focused program provides the core to our rigorous academic curriculum. With 12 AP classes offered, as well as PSAT and SAT prep courses, Providence prides itself as an academy with an advanced upper grade syllabi. Furthermore, our college counseling program is designed to help students find the college that best suits their needs. And our spiritual mentoring program provides students with the support to nurture and develop their faith. Through on-site pastoral counseling, Bible courses, and our weekly chapel time, upper grade students are provided with an atmosphere to thrive.

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