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PCA Korea is an affiliate partner of Providence Christian Academy USA and offers a quality, Christ-centered education to families in the Gangnam area of Seoul, South Korea.

PCA Korea is modeled after Providence Christian Academy USA, which has been serving families in the metro Atlanta area for 30 years. The Gangnam Academy opened in August of 2020 as an English-speaking, American-education model for 1st through 12th grade.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: What kind of academy is PCA Korea?
    A: Providence Christian Academy Korea is the first affiliate academy accredited by Providence Christian Academy USA, one of the most prestigious schools in the state of Georgia, known for its award-winning STEM program and unique Leadership course.
  • Q: What is meant by "Covenant Christian Academy"?
    A: Providence Christian Academy’s mission is to “provide excellence in Christ-Centered education as an extension of the Christian home.” As the academyt partners with the Christian home, it is essential that at least one parent has a viable Christian testimony and is actively involved in a Christian church. A church leader recommendation will be a required part of our admissions process.
  • Q: Can PCA Korea students also receive a Providence USA certificate when they graduate from PCA Korea?
    A: Yes. If PCA Korea students study at PCA USA for their senior year as an exchange student, they can get a dual certificate.
  • Q: What kind of curriculum does PCA Korea offer?
    A: PCA Korea offers an academic curriculum based on Providence USA curriculum.
  • Q: Do you require testing for all applicants?
    A. Yes. All applicants will take an English proficiency test as well as a Math assessment.
  • Q: Do students wear a uniform?
    A: We have a modified uniform. Details are available in the link below: .
  • Q: What are the hours?
    A: Students can arrive as early as 7:50 Monday – Friday. Classes start at 8am Monday – Friday. All classes for all grades end at 3:00pm.
  • Q: What is the student to teacher ratio?
    A: This varies by grade, but the average ratio is 12:1 students to teachers in each class.
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