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Lin Baik: Gold Medal at NHD

Updated: Mar 1

This year's National History Day competition held at Seoul International School was Korea's largest NHD event to date. Students hailing from Jeju, Busan and all major international schools met last Saturday to present their projects. All projects were created with the theme of 'Turning Points in history' as the central focus to their theses.

PCA's Lin Baik entered the individual junior website category and selected the famed Korean poet Yi-sang as her main subject. Link to her work here. The first round of judging requires students to answer a host of complex inquiries cast by a panel of international judges, Lin met this challenge head on and advanced to the final's round (along with PCA's 7th grade student's Gio Hwang and Sean Kim from the documentary category). After bronze and silver were announced in the website category, Lin waited in anticipation until gold was announced and her name suddenly appeared on the screen! A medal well earned. She is now eligible to enter the global competition (its 50th anniversary) as Korea's representative for junior website which is held this summer in Washington DC. Congratulations to Lin Baik!

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