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Rachel: Guest Artist at Seoul Arts Center

“Cats regard the smallest space as their entire universe” -Pamela Douglas.

10th grader Rachel Oh (오승헌) has a talent for the arts. In particular, this PCA student has a knack for creating works of art that embody the uniqueness, beauty and slyness of our feline friends; that's right, cats.

"I was attracted by their cuteness and their pretty eyes. I wanted to feel a deeper connection with nature through the theme of cats, capturing their independent yet adorable spirits."

Rachel has practiced creating art in a variety of mediums, but for her exhibition at the Seoul Arts Center (in which she was invited to show her work as a guest artist) she decided to do something special.

"I used linen to express color in the drawing/work and wool felt to create the cat brooch."

When asked about her personal inspirations for the project, Rachel provided us with a few facts about her cats:

"I have two cats named Bori and Heugmi. Both of their breeds are Munchkin cats, which have short legs. Bori is a calm cat and always sits near me, and Heugmi is a lively cat who eats a lot and runs around the house all the time."

'Meow' those are some cute cat facts! A big congratulations to 오승헌 for her exhibition! We look forward to seeing many more of her works to come.

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