PCA Korea

Move from Surviving to Thriving!

Providence Christian Academy comes alongside you to provide innovative programs and attentive staff that will help equip your child for life's challenges.

Partnering With Families

We are a welcoming, covenant, Christ-centered community that values relationships and the partnership between home and school.

Student Focused

We provide a safe, nurturing environment that enhances learning, while recognizing the God-given uniqueness of each student.

Leading and Serving

We challenge our students to embrace faith in Christ and step into roles of leadership and service.

A Caring Community

Our students receive unparalleled personal attention from faculty and staff.

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Message of Hope Message of Hope

On a sweet and beautiful spring day, PCA Korea delivers a message of hope from artists with disabilities.

"One school, one system" "One school, one system"

PCA Korea will be the first in the country to implement Veracross, an innovative school information system.

Our Mission

to provide excellence in Christ-centered education as an extension of the Christian home.

What kind of school Is PCA Korea?

Providence Christian Academy Korea is the first affiliated school accredited by Providence Christian Academy, one of the most prestigious schools in Georgia in the US, known for its award-winning STEM and unique Leadership program.

What is meant by “Covenant Christian School”?

Providence Christian Academy’s mission is to “provide excellence in Christ-Centered education as an extension of the Christian home.” As the school partners with the Christian home, it is essential that at least one parent has a viable Christian testimony and is actively involved in a Christian church. A church leader recommendation will be a required part of our admissions process.

Are all students required to take Bible classes and attend worship?

Yes. All PCA Korea students have to take Bible classes and attend worship.

Can PCA Korea students get PCA USA diploma also when they graduate from PCA Korea?

Yes. If PCA Korea students study at PCA USA for their senior year as an exchange student, they can get a dual diploma which will qualify them to apply to colleges in Korea and the US without taking the General Equivalency Diploma.

What kind of curriculum does PCA Korea offer?

PCA Korea offers an academic curriculum based on PCA USA curriculum.

Is there any English class for English Language Learner (ELL)?

PCA Korea offers ELL program for students who require English language support. The ELL program helps students attain a certain level of English proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking and can be offered to a limited number of students each year.

Do you require testing for all applicants?

All applicants except those who have an English proficiency test score, such as TOEFL, are required to take admission test.

Do students wear a uniform?

We have a modified uniform. Details are available under Dress Code.

What are the school hours?

School begins at 8:00am and releases at 2:40pm Monday-Friday. Students can arrive starting at 7:30am.

What is the student to teacher ratio?

This varies by grade, but the average ratio is 12:1 students to teachers in each class.

There will always be a special place in my heart for Providence Christian Academy. It was so much a part of equipping and preparing my children academically and spiritually. And it's where they forged meaningful friendships as well.

Dr. Ravi Zacharias, Parent of Providence Graduates

Through God's faithfulness and the amazing Providence family, we have been blessed to have our son at Providence! We are amazed by the wholesome Christian influence combined with excellent academics. A true covenant school and blessing!

Maimah Jallah, Providence Parent

Providence played a huge part in preparing me to live out my faith at college.

David Rhodes, Alumni

Providence amazes me. If you’re looking for rigorous academics, a family environment of energetic and enthusiastic teachers, and a place which seeks to prepare each student to make his or her mark on the world through God’s unique plan, this is it.

Angie Burnette, Providence Parent

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